Club telco Broadband ADSL Settings for Netgear

Club telco Australia Broadband ADSL Settings  iPad Android


1. ADSL Modem Interface Settings

Encapsulation  : PPPoA or PPPoE
IP address      : Automatically assigned by ClubTelco
DNS address:  Automatically assigned by ClubTelco
Encapsulation:  PPPoA or PPPoE
Enter username as :
Enter password as : Password created at time of sign up
MTU : 1460
Multiplexing method : VC-Based, VPI=8, VCI=35
PPP Connection Settings :  Always on

Netgear ADLS Settings:

Clubtelco Netgear ADLS Settings:

2. iPad Mobile Broadband Settings:

Download and install the Mac Lion Mobile Broadband Software and in your iPad
Open the application enter the following info and connect
Account : ClubTelco
Number : *99#
APN : mwb
Protocol : CHAP

Club telco Mobile Broadband iPad

3. Email Settings for ClubTelco customers:

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server address :
Incoming mail (POP3) server address :
Enter username as:
Enter password as: password created at time of sign up.
Outgoing Mail – SMTP Authentication: Required for sending emails
Space allocated to mail box: 30MB
Web mail address: