Cellular One Check Minutes Prepaid Balance SMS

How to Check Cellular One Prepaid Balance by SMS or USSD Code

To check Prepaid Balance

USSD CODE РDial *100# and press send from your mobile phone. 

Check Minutes From your mobile phone:

Dial *123
– Press 1
to Check Minutes and Account Balance
– Press 2
to Replenish Your VisionOne or FlexPlus
– Press 3
to Replenish Another VisionOne or FlexPlus

From a Landline Phone:

Dial 1-866-631-3886
– Enter the 10 digit phone number you wish
to add money to
– Enter your CC number and then # key
– Enter the 1 or 2 digit of the month only and
then the # key
– Enter the 2 digit of the year only and then
the # key
– Enter the 3 digit security code on the back
of the card (#key)
– Enter the House or Box # for this CC (# key)
– Enter the Zip for this CC (# key)

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